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You'll find a brief history of Terrell County, Georgia here, as well as an online tour of homes and businesses. As you visit our pages, I'm quite sure you'll agree, Terrell County has some very beautiful historic homes.

Terrell County Georgia As we continue to work on the site we hope to include more from the downtown historic business district.  And... we're working on the area's many churches.
We haven't left out education! Terrell County has many schools. Each school, from headstart to adult education, has it's own section on the Terrell County website. Visit the Terrell County Schools for yourself...Just click on the Schools link (top right) !

Terrell County History


Terrell County, located in southwest Georgia, was created from neighboring counties, Lee and Randolph. The city Dawson is the county seat as well as the largest town in the county. Read More

Parrott, located about ten miles northwest of Dawson, is a picturesque little town that has been the setting for several Western movies, including The Long Riders (1980). In recent years its citizens have worked diligently to restore the historic downtown area in the hope of attracting antique-minded tourists traveling on Highway 520 en route to Columbus.
Bronwood, originally called Brown's Station, was incorporated in 1883 and is located six miles east of Dawson.
Sasser, located in the southeastern section of the county, was incorporated in 1890 and named for pioneer citizen Abraham Sasser.
The county also has several unincorporated communities, among them Chickasawhatchee, Dover, Graves, Herod, Pleasant Hill, and Yeomans.


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Terrell County Articles During the past several years a concerted effort has been made by the Terrell County Historic Preservation Society and the Better Hometown Dawson Task Force to increase cultural awareness, improve the appearance of streets and buildings, and preserve places of historical importance.
Renovations have recently been completed on the courthouse, the Carnegie Library building, and the Garden Club House. The old McDowell Building was remodeled; it is now the headquarters for the Terrell County Chamber of Commerce.
The old Jail has been torn down. The Sheriff's Department is located in a new building next to Terrell County Correctional Institute just south of Dawson.







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Terrell County is in Southwest Georgia